Saturday, October 17, 2009

Will I ever wake up??

I've been up now since 12:30 CST and it's now 13:30.  I'm still sleepy.  I haven't woken up at all.  I keep leaning to the left in the computer chair and finding my eyes closing.  meh.  Mind you, I did go to sleep.. ah... oh... um... at about 24:30ish? last night.  Well... it wasn't my fault!!  No, really!!  You see, the heart of my heart had taken his daughter to dinner and to see Where the Wild Things Are.   Once I got home from Corwyn's Mass Choir, I was child-free.... ummmmmm Mommy all-by-herself time.

But when I went to sleep I did take one of the sleeping pills prescribed by my pain docs because I haven't been sleeping well and this is not a Good Thing™.  Thomas ensconced himself in the middle.  Star actually made his way to my lap!!  Whooot!  He is often shy about doing this when Tom is around because Thomas, being head honcho, wants to be He Who Gets ALL of the Attention™.  Harumph.  Well too bad for him.  I've been using greenies to start teaching the cats that you do not mess with the cat by/on momma.  Period.

Okay, I'm about to fall over asleep... if you have any questions or comments... Star seems to be ensconced in here so he can answer them.