Our Wish List

We looked over mom's shoulder while she was on Petco's page...

We like this mousey, it squeaks!! In fact the next three items squeak too. That's why we want them. We've had the bird before. Knives has killed three of them. Of course, he might have had some help. They aren't very expensive either for the very good quality. This one's regular price is $5.99

 They call this one Twinkle Mouse because its eyes light up!! It cost $7.99 reg.

This is Knive's most favorite toy in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!
He loves it better than catnip mousies!! He almost loves it more than FOOD!!
 (these are made by a company called Our Pet's and they have an over the door with the Mouse Hunter and two ball rollers that are also at Pet Smart, just search by Our Pet's)

The original cat dancer. We've never tried one but it looks interesting.

Da Bird... we've got other toys like it... is it different? Inquiring Ninja want to know. Plus, this allows us to have a handy linky for our furfriends.

We have this toy but we don't play with it. Mom's going to donate to Someone but she needs to get the address. When you bat it, it keeps swinging for a longer time then it would normally.  
  BTW this is where mom got us our cat trees. They aren't very expensive but look very nice. You will need to anchor them to the wall OR add some heavy wood to the bottom to make them heavy enough that your Horde doesn't tip them over but otherwise they are good trees.


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