Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mom! Me-om! Where are you?!

Today I've had two doctor appointments for my children and one dentist appointment for me.  As a result, I was up waaaaaay too early (note to self, get some of my coffee!) and got home waaaaay too late!  I came home to four cats laying on my bed glaring at me accusatorily.  I was allowed to put up my purse and cell phone and then it was...

"See mom?  We starveded while you were gone!!!"

Thomas: "Mom!  Mom!  Timmy's in the well!!"
Me: "Okay Thomas, what's wrong?"
Thomas: ::wandering around:: "Timmy's in the well!!!"
Mister Kitten: "Mom?  Can I have something from the Big Bowl?"
Me:  "Of course you may." ::put food in bowls and Thomas & Mister Kitten nosh on numnums::
Thomas:  "Hey!  Hey!  Mom!  Timmy's in the well!"
Zaphy:  "Mom?  I need to go ooout!"
Me:  "Just a second."  ::let Zaphy out::
Thomas: "Mom! Mom!  Me-ommmmm!  Timmy's in the well!!!"
Me: ::roll eyes:: "What is it Thomas??"
Thomas: ::goes to door::  "Timmy's in the well!!"
Me: "Do you want out, Thomas?"
Thomas: "Timmy's in the well!  Timmy's in the well!!"
Me:  "Okay, okay, I'm opening the door."
Star goes out the door.  Thomas saunters off quietly.

small pet bowl... hmmm... I wonder how many scoops from the Big Bowl it would hold?