Monday, January 17, 2011

Less Hissing... More Playing...

 "I'm settling in even more!  I'm only really
hissing at that stupid ole' yellow brother."

 "She started it!!  But mom gives me a treat when I don't hiss and she puts me out when I chase her down.  So I'm behaving a LOT better!!"

 "She's not hissing at me at all now.  Yay!!
Now if she'll just let me back on the bed!"

 "I've never growled at her at all and now she's
stopped hissing at me.  She is, however, sitting
in the window ledge so I can't lay down in it!!"

 "My dobbleganger likes my toy as much as I do.
We looked at each other several times yesterday and
today and we didn't even growl at each other at all!!"

"Mommy wore a t-shirt with this on it when she came to pick me up!"