Monday, January 17, 2011

Less Hissing... More Playing...

 "I'm settling in even more!  I'm only really
hissing at that stupid ole' yellow brother."

 "She started it!!  But mom gives me a treat when I don't hiss and she puts me out when I chase her down.  So I'm behaving a LOT better!!"

 "She's not hissing at me at all now.  Yay!!
Now if she'll just let me back on the bed!"

 "I've never growled at her at all and now she's
stopped hissing at me.  She is, however, sitting
in the window ledge so I can't lay down in it!!"

 "My dobbleganger likes my toy as much as I do.
We looked at each other several times yesterday and
today and we didn't even growl at each other at all!!"

"Mommy wore a t-shirt with this on it when she came to pick me up!"


  1. Sounds like things are going amazingly well!
    We are so glad.


  2. Oh we are so glad that everyone is getting more comfortable wiht each other! It is such good news! We hope that all the hissing ends soon - we know it just takes time and you are already doing good it sounds like!!

  3. YAY, it's getting better all the time!!!

  4. We are glad everything is going so well.

  5. Some things are just meant to be...Nova, we are THRILLED for you and your Forever Family!

  6. You are being nice kitties! Cuddles for all of you.

  7. Miss Nova, everything is lookin' GOOD! My, how fast it's going. I wish Sam had been that nice to me way back when. He tried to murder me, but you know what I did? I fell on my back and held all my legs very still and then just waited. When he came to give me a sniff on the forehead, I LICKED him! We's been buds and best friends ever since! Kisses are good, aren't they. Yowzahhh, we girls knows what to do!
    Headbonks from us to all of you~~

  8. We're so glad that things are going better and better!

  9. Lady Nova, you're settling in well! There's always one sibling who'll want to ruin your Good Time. LOL. But you've only been there a few days, give it a bit of time!

  10. Seems like things are going pretty well considering it's only been a few days. Hope it just keeps getting better and better!!

  11. YAY, Sparkles, it sounds like things are going fairly well. We continue to purray that you and your furblings will settle in together quickly.


  12. Lady Nova, good girl. We knew you could do it. It sure is exciting to hear that you are getting along with almost everyone. That is great. We are still excited that you have a forever home. Take care.

  13. I'm glad you're getting along better. It takes a while to be friends sometimes.

    I love that you call them the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde! (especially the teenage part!) Too funny.