Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day Two or Mom, Can We Get Rid of That Stinky Yellow Cat?

 "I really like my new toy!!  But I don't like that stinky yellow boy!  He's hissed and chased me three times!!  The other boys haven't even growled at me even though I tell them that this is my bed now!  Although I might learn to share it later. "

 "Mommy put a special food & water bowl just for me in the master bath but I found out where the stinky boys eat!!  Ha ha ha!!"

 "This is where my mom & dad take their baths.  I think I'll try it too."

 "Oh look!  Mom put down my very own little litter box!
It has wheat litter just like my stinky new brothers!"

"My Feeders wouldn't let me get on the kitchen table!!  Unfair!!
And when dad was cutting up meat for his infamous chili he
wouldn't even give me any!!  He is soooo mean!  I may punish
him by not sleeping at his feet tonight.  I wonder why mom
keeps saying I'm just like Star when he was my age?"

"PS mom helped me put up some info about my foster mom's
rescue for cats and woofies.  There is a linky to go to her blog.
If you can, please go there and make a donation or see
if there is a furfriend(s) whose Forever Home is your house!"


  1. Oh sweet Lady easy on your brofurs. They have an adjustment too, little love, so be patient and learn from them.

  2. Miss Nova, we understand about stinky brothers. We wash-n-whap 'em all the time to keep 'em in line.
    XX The Lounge LadyKats

  3. Der's always one dat hasta swim against da flow...maybe if he is stinky yoo should wash him yoorself. We think Speedy haf stinky ears so we wash dem.

  4. Miss Nova, you won't believe this by seeing us now, but Sam HATED me in the beginning. Why, he even tried to hunt me down and murder me! But now, oh yes, he's completely at my beck and call and he loves me more than kibble. This will happen to you, too, you'll see. That stinky yellow one will end up your bestest buddy :D
    Nose licks and head bonks from us to you.

  5. Dear Lady Nova-

    Spunky here (aka the Queen of Bedroomia - see I am royalty too). I understand your problems with the Orinch Meniss. I am a tuxie with a yellow brofur who gives me a hard time. And he is my real blood sibling. I think they are jealous of our bee-yo-ti-ful sleek black furs! I too have claimed the Momma's bed for my own (hence my title), but I do share it now and again with the others.

    We wish you lots of happiness in your forever home. It looks like you hit the jackpot with your wonderful feeders!

    Love, the Califurrrrrnia 5
    Petey, Jack, Spunky, Tabitha & Madison LaRue

  6. Lady Nova, those Orange boys can be pests. WE have two here that chase us all the time. Just try to ignore him and maybe he won't want to chase you. Sounds like you are doing really well there and we sure are glad. We are so glad you have such a wonderful home even if you can't get on the kitchen table. That is a rule everywhere. Take care.

  7. We are glad to hear that you are settling in with your new brothers. We are sure you will win the yellow one around in time too.

  8. Kisses, precious Sparkles (I mean Lady Nova).

    Thank you so much for putting up a sidebar plug for us. Maybe another kitty will get a home as a result.

  9. Time to sort out who's boss! But be gentle, ok?

  10. Yoo'll soon have yoor noo brofurs whapped into shape ~ 'cos at the end of the day "gerls rool"!

  11. I think he's just jealous because he's not the baby anymore!!!

  12. YAY!!! You are in your forever home with a new name!!!! Great news!

  13. Be pashunt sweety. We knows you will fit in just fine! We purrs fur everyone's happy!

  14. Nova, we are so happy to hear you're settling into your new forever home! Sounds like the yellow boy could stand some whapping...

  15. Looks like you are very happy in your new home and have everyone under your paws. Give the stinky boys a chance. Brothers are good to snuggle with when it is cold.