Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday... interesting day...

Yesterday started off with an appointment with my pain management docs, then went on to my pcp's office where we decided to schedule an mri for my head with/without contrast, and finding out that my mil has been admitted to the hospital because of having a fever since ~Sunday with a fever of over 101.  ::sigh::  Oh yes!  And on top of that my daughter had dress rehersal for the school's variety show (drama & music department, she's in the Woman's Select Choir this year).  I had to pick her up ~9:30 and they were rehearsing one act and still had one to go.  yeesh!

I took her to school this morning for a 7:00 call.  Anyway, once I got home yesterday the cats decided that I needed a three to four cat nursing crew.  So I didn't get up much.  I just found out that my mil is worse this morning so odds are that I won't get much done today.  Just an FYI post.  Take care.