Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Who, Me?! It Was Him, Mommy!! No, Really!!!

On the way home from a doctor's appointment yesterday I tried to convince my children to help look for my 'life'.  My 17 year old daughter, who was curled up sleeping in the front seat (being 17, no fool, and having been sick all last week), muttered, "Yeah, right, I'm going back to sleep now."  My 14 year old son, the money bags of the family (no, really!, he saved up Christmas and birthday money year before last so he had nearly $150 to spend at an event... before that he saved enough to get a 'griffin' puppet at the local Ren Faire), said he wasn't interested in the $5.00 reward I offered.

Then he slyly said, "Hey!  What about giving me one of those calendars you made up once the new year starts?"  (they haven't gone up in the shop because CafePress hasn't switched to 2011 yet)  I thought about it and said, "We-ell, maybe.  It depends on how much they cost."  We dickered.  We finally came down to something from the shop, possibly even something made just for him with 'his cat' (Mister Kitten) on it, saying "Protected by Vicious Attack Cat: Mister Kitten".  When we got home, I reminded him about it, he looked for about five minutes and Voila! my life was in his hands.  "Where did you find it?" I asked.  He nonchalantly answered, "Oh, it was on your blue trunk on the corner."  My eyes narrowed.  "Do you mean the blue trunk under my bed where I looked at least three times already??"  He shrugged his shoulders, "I guess so.  I think Zaphy did it."  Riiiiiight.

"What?!  I didn't do anything!!  No, mom, really!!!  I's innocent!!"

 "I wasn't there!  Cross my paws!!"