Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Whoot!! New Toys & Stuff Coming!!

 "YAY!  We won the contest for a $75 gift certificate at CSN from Raymond & Busby: Cats by the Sea!  Raymond looks like Star and Busby looks like my littermate Zaphoid!  Thanks guys!!"

 "We were so excited.  We consulted with mom on what to
get.  I wanted another drinking fountain so that we would
have two.  I dislike having to wait for someone to get out
of my way ::cough:: Knives ::cough:: when I'm thirsty."

 "I told mom that we needed the pint double diner.
We have a large one but mom can put that outside
in the summer for water.  I wanted one that was
closer to the size of the other two so that someone 
::cough:: Audrey ::cough:: doesn't get into MY food dish."

 Star- "Mom got Audrey a harness so that she can go Outside.
Then Audrey and I picked out some toys.  Audrey??"
"Yes!!  We got two balls!  And a nifty looking thingeemabob!!
I can't wait to play with them!!"