Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Whoot!! New Toys & Stuff Coming!!

 "YAY!  We won the contest for a $75 gift certificate at CSN from Raymond & Busby: Cats by the Sea!  Raymond looks like Star and Busby looks like my littermate Zaphoid!  Thanks guys!!"

 "We were so excited.  We consulted with mom on what to
get.  I wanted another drinking fountain so that we would
have two.  I dislike having to wait for someone to get out
of my way ::cough:: Knives ::cough:: when I'm thirsty."

 "I told mom that we needed the pint double diner.
We have a large one but mom can put that outside
in the summer for water.  I wanted one that was
closer to the size of the other two so that someone 
::cough:: Audrey ::cough:: doesn't get into MY food dish."

 Star- "Mom got Audrey a harness so that she can go Outside.
Then Audrey and I picked out some toys.  Audrey??"
"Yes!!  We got two balls!  And a nifty looking thingeemabob!!
I can't wait to play with them!!"


  1. Concats on winning the draw! Those are great things you've decided upon! We hope they arrive soon!

  2. Thomas says, "According to the confirmation email we should have them on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of next week!! We're all taking naps, we're soooOOOooo excited!!"

  3. that is so awesome. congrats on the win. how FUN ! ;}

    -us4 cats

  4. Ohhhh, we are waving concats flags up high for you! That's a BIG win and just think of all the goodies you can have! We think you should throw a pawty. You supply the toys and we'll supply the snacks (I might be able to snag a little bit of cardinal appetizers).

  5. Congratulations on your big win!! We're sure you guys can find a lot of cool things for $75.00!

  6. Oh I can't WAIT for you to have them! Concats!

  7. Admiral has pictures of Star coming, She hopes he signs them...

  8. I think you got the one that just has the four boys on it with all the months on it. Double check! But yes, if you can get by, Star will 'sign' them!