Friday, February 4, 2011


 "You can't see it, but where the fur isn't thick is where mom found a bump on my face last night.  Mean mean mommy!!  She cleaned it with stingy stuff and then sqeeeeeezed it until all the icky stuff came out.  And now she says I can't go OUT until it's all healed up!!  Mean mean mommy!!!  She made me stay in her bedroom last night with Audrey so stinky Mister Knives wouldn't fight with me or even paw at me like he's been doing to everycat the last few days. "

 "I stayed in mom & dad's bedroom with Star and
I was really really nice.  Besides, I can't go outside either!
I don't know what the big deal is!!"

 "I knocked and knocked and knocked on mom & dad's door and they wouldn't open it!!  Not only that, but dad put something heavy so it wouldn't make noise anymore!!  NOT FAIR!!  Mean ole' daddy."

 "We would have posted for mom yesterday but Zaphy messed up the computer."
"Did not."
"Did too."
"Did not."
"Did too!"
"Did not..."

"Since Star isn't able to go out right now,
Zaphy and I have been taking turns going in and out for him."

PS Our friend, the author Sara Harvey and her husband have found a shelter that will take their woofie Javert, but they'd really really rather find him a home with a family who will love and pet and care for him. His continuing story can be found here. Because of biting issues he's not considered adoptable but they've worked really really hard with him and those issues have gone down. As someone who has rehabilitated feral animals I think he has a good chance if placed with the right family so long as there are no young children. If anyone could boost the signal, I'd really appreciate it! (and so would they!)


  1. It's good to be housebound when you have an ouchie. Let it heal then you can go out. But if Mom and Dad aren't careful they will create a spoiled 'warm spot' thief by making you stay in the BR for too long.

    Have a happy weekend and heal fast. Everyone else enjoy the weekend and be nice.

  2. Ohhhhh, OWIE OWIEEEEE! We think we FELT that!
    We are sending you healing licks. We hear that does the trick. Lick, lick, lick....

  3. That ouchie sounded gross, especially to our mom. LOL. We hope it heals quickly, though!

  4. Glad your mommy take such good care of you. Too cold to go out anyway. Have a great weekend.

  5. I hope it's not too owie for you my friend.

  6. STAR!!!!!! Coming right over!!! I'm a nursie!!!

    I'll make it better!!! Oh poor POOR Star! What was it there???

  7. Star says, "Mom's been keeping an eye on it all day and it's staying the same or getting better. Daddy said last night that it must have been one of those Evile Purple & Green Polkadot Wolverines*! I eagerly await you sweetie!! I know I will get better much much faster once you are here!"

    *something got into his basement in his old house and tore up the insulation, the family joke is that it was Evile Purple and Green Polkadot Wolverines... unless it was those Even More Evile Green and Pink Striped Wolverines!

  8. Star! I will teleport over again toDAY!!!
    Did you know I am getting your PICTURES to hang in my cube???