Monday, August 1, 2011

Busy today

 "Go out?!  I'd rather not, thank you."

 "Okay now, for your next Ninja lesson..."

 "Oh yeah!  This is a much better place to be!!"

"Why yes!  The laptop is working a bit better... sort of..."

PS for those wondering... we put flyers behind mailbox flags (it's illegal to put them IN mailboxes!), on corners, in our front yard, on certain stores; registered with the local shelter (also animal control & we're getting daily updates from them on cats who've been found); Craig's List & PetFinders.  Given that the Horde started in 1988 and we've had... lots of cats come in and out of our lives some have gone out of our lives by many ways... crossing the Bridge, being adopted by someone else and deciding that they needed to be someone else's cat.  We all have a feeling that either Thomas has gone on Walkabout to cross the Bridge (we've had two other cats do this) OR (and we think this is more probable) he had adopted another family who needs him more than we do.  Everycat and Feeder thank you all SO much for the purrs and prayers.  We would also like you to pray for Thomas' brother (yes, his littermate!) Zaphoid, who is starting to act like an Old Man.  We're afraid that he may be starting to see the Bridge.

Thank you all,

Zaphoid Beeblebrox, StarWalker BitCat the ComputerKitty, Knives & Lady Audrey Nova StarWatcher
Kat, Dale, Jennifer & Corwyn