Thursday, April 1, 2010

They're In!

Yes, I put in both of the graphics!  They're in
and they've got the new Clothing & Other Things sections.  Whew!  Now I need to rest!

Since Cats Were Worshiped for Centuries...

Mister Kitten would like you to just come to him. No, really!! You see, I take medication at bedtime to try to get me to Delta level sleep. But I wake up 2-3 hours later and when I do, I take more medication at the 2.5-3 hour mark. Now I must admit that I achieve a deeper sleep when I have a cat snuggled next to me and ::stares innocently at ceiling and rocks back and forth:: I have been known to bribe cats to try to get them to do this. Unfortunately this usually fails, since they just snag the treat and go right back to the foot of the bed.

But last night for some reason, Mister Kitten was sleeping on the window seat.  "Treats?  You have Treats?  You may bring me Treats, Mother."  No, really!!  I swear on my first cat Christopher!!  So, of course I took him his treats (I am a good Cat Mommy!!), and of course... once I was handing out treats to Zaphy and Thomas (Star had already had his) he deigned to come down and try to score some more.

This morning, his Cat Daddy Corwyn, had to come feed him whilst he lay upon his appointed seat.  I must admit though that part of that is due to the fact that Corwyn insists that he must be the one to give Mister Kitten his treats if it is at all possible.  ::grin::  Mind you, that this morning Corwyn had gotten up on the wrong side of bed.  In fact, he went to bed on the wrong side of the bed!!  He had been cuddled up in a blanket in his computer chair with no socks or shoes on facing away from everyone.  But the minute his sister called out that Mister Kitten needed treats, ZOOM!, he was in my room.  "Mister Kitten?" he said gently while holding out the treats he had snatched from his sister.  He petted him for a minute and then all was right with his world.

This is in the card section and points to the postcard.
There is also a card for the Queen, Their Royal Majesties...