Friday, October 16, 2009

Officically Dead Now...

After waking up from my postprandial nap, and only because my dearest daughter had tried to wake me up three times, I jumped up... no, not really, I dragged myself out of bed, threw on clothes, grabbed the choir clothes which my boychild had forgotten to get for his Mass Choir performance tonight (three Middle schools including his) only to realize that while the dress shoes & shirt would fit; the pants were, indeed, the Wrong Size Entirely™. ::sigh:: The boy has hit puberty with a vengeance. When he measured himself against his father tonight before they left for the weekend he'd grown an obvious half inch from the last time they'd done so... two weeks ago.

Ergo, I raced off to KMart to find a pair that would work. Fortuitously, they had one pair left in his size that did not have belt loops.  You see, dress code at his school requires that pants with belt loops must have a belt.  This isn't too much of a hardship for girls since they can use scarves etc.  For boys... not so much.  For boys with sensory issues... ick patoohy!  I also found a very soft short sleeve white shirt, of course, they had not one single long sleeve shirt in his size.  ::sigh::  I did mention to his father that they might look for one at their local store this weekend.  ::crosses fingers that they might find one::

My dearest husband missed the concert because he went straight from work, wearing his Where the Wild Things Are t-shirt, to go have dinner with the red-headed step-child, and thence to the movie theater to see the new movie.  I hope that it's as good as the previews look.  This is The Book™ which he would read to her when she was little.  They've bought each other shirts with logos on them whenever they could find them (and I've helped, I admit it!).  Whenever they talk about it, their eyes light up.  I am so pleased that they are going to do this.  It's special moments like these that children remember forever... no matter what age they are.

As for me, I'm going to crack a bottle of wine, pull out some cheese and crackers, pull up a good book (another Liaden® book by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller... if you like Science Fiction and haven't read these, I highly recommend them!!!!), and hang out with the cats.  Star is supervising this as I speak but I'm sure that I can get him to come join me in the bedroom.  When I got cat food for the Big Bowl™... I got Greeeeeeennnnniiiiiiieeeeeeesssssss.... mmmmmmmm.  (okay, maybe I don't love them... but the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde goes wild!!  ::grin::)

BTW I wore this in it's women's t-shirt format tonight so this particular graphic is especially fitting!  ::weg::

Doctor, oh Doctor...

Hither went we yesterday to the orthodontist for a wonderful long session with my daughter.  There was not a chair for me in the small room so I was left standing for the entire 45 minutes.  ::head:desk::  Why oh why should a parent with a cane need a chair anyway??  My eldest child was most gracious and moved her legs so that I could sit on the dentist chair with her.

Fortunately my husband drove us the 30 miles to the next two visits which took 45 minutes for the drive, then an hour for the first visit, about 25 minutes to drive to the next visit, an hour or so for the third visit, and then another half hour home.  ::puts hand to head and falls back onto the fainting couch::

My daughter and I were both seen by our pcp's nurse practitioner.  Our strep & mono tests were negative but we both had bacterial infections.  Wheeeee!  Back at home we submitted a gazillion prescriptions to the pharmacy (no, really!!).  My daughter is still punk today, I'll see how much I can get done in the shop, particularly in the Holiday section.  Cross your fingers!!  Thomas did Nurse Cat Duty™ last night so hopefully I can get at least some thing up!!