Friday, October 16, 2009

Doctor, oh Doctor...

Hither went we yesterday to the orthodontist for a wonderful long session with my daughter.  There was not a chair for me in the small room so I was left standing for the entire 45 minutes.  ::head:desk::  Why oh why should a parent with a cane need a chair anyway??  My eldest child was most gracious and moved her legs so that I could sit on the dentist chair with her.

Fortunately my husband drove us the 30 miles to the next two visits which took 45 minutes for the drive, then an hour for the first visit, about 25 minutes to drive to the next visit, an hour or so for the third visit, and then another half hour home.  ::puts hand to head and falls back onto the fainting couch::

My daughter and I were both seen by our pcp's nurse practitioner.  Our strep & mono tests were negative but we both had bacterial infections.  Wheeeee!  Back at home we submitted a gazillion prescriptions to the pharmacy (no, really!!).  My daughter is still punk today, I'll see how much I can get done in the shop, particularly in the Holiday section.  Cross your fingers!!  Thomas did Nurse Cat Duty™ last night so hopefully I can get at least some thing up!!

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