Friday, August 20, 2010

Yay Birthdays! (and yay green papers!)

"Here is Jennifer with her big metal butterfly (she can put a candle in it and it glows), but it doesn't move so it isn't much fun for us to play with.  She seems to like it though.  We were all very good and did not walk all over the gooey cake."

"Mom & Jennifer got some new books and mom came home with.... with... wait for it... catnip flavored treats!!!  whoooohoooooooo!!  We love mommy!!"

"BTW take a minute to go send some purrs to Admiral Hestorb's mom.  She fell down and hurt her knee & ankle!  OW!!  We are also sending her BIG thank you purrs for buying something at the store!!"
It was a toss-up... computer fubared... cleaning ensuing...

PS Halloween followed by Winter Holidays will go up as fast as we can get them!