Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dead Artist Walking...

no, make that falling into my bed.  We're having our first cold rain of the season outside.  Which explains why the ankle I double dislocated two years ago has started talking to my knees.  It rather makes me wonder what kind of conversation my body parts have when I'm asleep.  "Hey!  Hey!  Right Shoulder!"  "What is it, Left Knee?" "I was thinking... how about tomorrow we do some kind of alternating stabbing pain thing?" and then the right ankle pipes up, "Oooooh!  I want in on that action!" and my wrists go, "Us too! Us too!"  I can just imagine my wrists squealing like those cute little animae characters.

For some reason, every time I've opened the front door tonight, Zaphoid has been there going, "OMG!!!  You've got to let me INnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!  I'm dyingggggggg out here!!!!"  I dutifully let him in and say as he dashes off into the kitchen in search of sustenance to sooth his soul, "You know, you could have just used the same cat flap you used to get out of the house."  For some reason, he never wants to talk about that.  Go figure.

Ah well.  My son is back from his father's house.  My daughter had a slight ketchup crisis which was solved by a fast run to the grocery around the corner.  No, I take that back.  I drove the van, she ran in and out, also getting sorely needed milk & creamer.  In the meantime, the male teenager left at the house, having been asked by his sister... then told by his sister... then told by me... then reminded by me...

totally ignored the oven timer going off in the same room where he was engrossed watching tv (yes, I have one in the kitchen, mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!  but I have my reasons), and had yea, verily, yea, NOT taken out the fishsticks which caused the ketchup crisis in the first place.  ::head:desk::

I'm going to bed now.  No, really.  I'm going to gather in the cats and lay down with a good book & the tv (I multitask... I also watch tv & do hand-sewing), put my legs up, splint my wrists (note the 'p'!  no cutting allowed on this blog!  ::wry grin::), and kick back until tomorrow.  The kids are starting fall break... muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Noooooooo! (or at least... not again!...)

::big sigh::  I've managed to get in 5 of the Breast Cancer Awareness designs.  Howsoever, I still have eight to put in.... aaaaarrrrrggggghhhh.  It wouldn't be so bad except I think I wrenched my knee yesterday and it's going, "Woman?... Woman!!  What on earth do you think you are doing sitting in a chair?!?!  Go lay down on the bed or I will let you know about it!!"  (yeah, my knees talk to me a lot... they're almost as vocal as the cats and three of them are Siamese mix!) ::head:desk::

With that in mind, and having nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that my daughter just made chocolate chip cookies (oh no... absolutely no connection!!), I'm going to go lay down and see if I can get up later and do some more.  If not... well... there's always tomorrow.

It's a New Day...

... let's see how long I last!!  ::grin::  I worked as the dresser yesterday for three hours; helping the musicians/actors change their costumes, telling them what I thought looked best, and repairing/modifying costumes so they'd work during the three Acts (although a few of them had changes during the Acts).  Wheeee!  Of course, it was also rather exhausting; no matter how much I enjoy it.  ::sigh::

But I am determined to get up the Breast Cancer Awareness Cats up today.  This is something that is very important to me personally because of the way it has touched my own family.  When they were post-menopausal, breast cancer struck three generations of women in my family.  My great-grandmother died.  My grandmother had a radical mastectomy because it had spread to the lymph nodes.  I remember watching her putting on her prosthetic bras when I was a little girl.  She survived into her 70's and passed away quietly in my mother's house, probably of another stroke.

My mother, on the other hand, only had to have a lumpectomy and chemotherapy.  Okay, that's still hard.  But when you look at the progression, think about how far medicine has come!  But it's still not enough.  I mean, think about it.  Surgery and chemotherapy.  Stop and think about that again.  Surgery.  And then going through chemotherapy.  More research is needed.

But there is something that women can do to help themselves that wasn't available to my great-grandmother.  It's something I've been doing ever since my 13 year old son was weaned (I had him when I was 35).  I have a yearly mammogram.  I do a breast check once a month (or my husband does it!  ::grin::).  If something feels different, I go and see my doctor.

And so, because it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month; even though I wear my pink all year around, I'm putting up my Breast Cancer Awareness Cats.  I apologize for not having them up sooner.