Saturday, October 31, 2009

All Hallows Eve...

My daughter is cleaning & working on her costume.  I'm printing off brochures & starting to work on adding more Winter Holiday stuff.  Today will be the last day for Halloween & Breast Cancer Awareness.  Hmmmm, I think I need to make at least one errand run before I start... and take some meds.  I seem to have done something to my left knee, which is a Bad Thing™ since I already have bad knees!!

So last night I was icing it down, and Star started to make his nightly journey across my legs.  He stopped short at my calves as he often does and then looked askance at me.  Ice pack.  Cold.  This was obviously Not a Good Thing™.  Now I happen to like having Star laying in my lap at night so I called to him.  No, he didn't think that it was a good idea.  Which left only one option.  Bribery.  This was not a problem since I keep a very small plastic container of treats in the headboard.

So I carefully eased out the container.  I swear, if he had them, you could have seen one eyebrow lift like a Vulcan.  I pulled out one treat and put the container back.  He slinked up on the left side making sure to avoid the ice pack.  Oberon raced from the other side of the house going, Treat?!  Treat?!  I like treats!!  However, I did not give him one.  Nor did I give Zaphy one when he came wandering in a minute or so later wondering how many treats he could sucker out of me.  In the end I had Star on my lap, Oberon flopped over my calves (one of his favorite spots and not toooo bad for a 15 pound cat!), Thomas snuggled up to my left hip, and Zaphy trying to see if I might let him lick my ears.  I'm not sure what the attraction is for Zaphy and everyone's ears but he is quite persistent.

My daughter had just come in asking if we have duct tape and that's a sign that I'd best be getting to other things!!  She has also reminded me that she took pictures of the cats all about me.  Now if she'll just send them to me!!  As well as some of Oberon in the sink.  ::grin::