Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shouldn't the Doctor Be Doing That??

Everyone in the house woke up late this morning.  I recall opening my eyes to see the clock saying 0711 with my bed sans husband and devoid of all but two cats.  I called out, "Corwyn??  Corwyn!  Do you know what time it is??" on the assumption that he probably needed to know it was close to time to leave for his bus stop.  I hear mumbling from his room and then what may have been an expletive (which I ignored).  There was much rustling about but I was still exhausted and fell back asleep.

"Sleeping is good.  You should do more of it!"

When I woke up again, my husband was about to take a shower.  By that time it was 1000 or so.  He came out and said, "We all overslept but Corwyn."  Still groggy the best response I could manage was, "Oh?"  He nodded and it was at this point that I noticed that not only was the compression bandage off, but he'd taken his splint off as well, leaving only a small bandage covering about 3" on either side of his elbow.  I narrowed my eyes at him (I'm very good at this, I come from a loooong line of teachers).  "Honey?  I've noticed that you don't have your splint on."  He looked down.  "Oh.  Yes.  Well, I'm going to take a shower now."  Riiiiight.  "Jennifer is still here.  She just woke up."  ::sigh::

"Well, I saw Corwyn off to the bus stop,
but I couldn't get Jennifer to wake up."

The next (and final) time I woke up, to my amazement (although I really shouldn't have been amazed), my husband had no bandages at all on his arm.  ::sigh::  "It's a Good Thing that I took off my bandages!"  [suspicion arises but I wait]  "Oh?  Why is that?" I reply.  "Well, it turns out that the place I've been scratching is where he put two stitches in."  I nodded, "Yes, that's a good reason."  Then he showed me the other incision site.  (which looked quite good btw)  "And I know why this has been bothering me so much. [insert encouraging noise here]  You see?  There's a fold in the splint right here.  But that's okay.  Once I get to the shop [at the recording studios at MTSU] X and I can just use the tin snips to cut it out.  Yes, a nice triangular cut will take care of it."  I shut my eyes.  "Honey?"  "Yes?"  "You need to go have them remake the splint."  "Oh no, I'll be sitting there for hours waiting to see the doctor."  "You won't have to see the doctor.  All they need to do is remake the splint."  "No.  I can just fix this by cutting out the fold."  "Honey, you really should go to the office and have them remake it."  After some back and forth, he finally hedged once.  I gave one more "really should" and he capitulated that going to the doctor was the right thing to do.  Whoot!