Thursday, March 31, 2011


 "Ahhhhhhhh.  Why won't Audrey do this with me??"

 "Not the ear!  Not the ear!!"

 "I still want a window seat in the kitchen."

 "Mom put catnip in the sooooooooooock."

"Well, actually we don't know yet.  Here's the thing.  As many of you know, our baby sister Audrey came to use from Miss Chrystal at DAILY DOSE OF DOGS (AKA CATS WITH YOUR COFFEE).
But Chrystal has lost her computer!!
Here's what KC at Cat Blogosphere had to report...

Chrystal’s computer was dying and she emailed me and asked iffen I could post a message on tha CB. That’s tha last I heared from hers.
She said they’d try to figure out how to get another one.
I’s got two computers here, but they’s already going to new homes in the CB.

"This is Not Good!!  A lot of Cats & Woofies depend on Chrystal to find them Forever Homes!!  Please go check with KC on Cat Blogosphere if you happen to have a computer for Chrystal!!
She does such fantastic work."

PS Audrey has helped us with mom a lot since she became a part of the Horde.  Every morning she dances and purrs and loves on mommy so that mom always starts the day with a smile.  We can highly recommend Forever Friends that Chrystal has rescued.  (No Audrey! You can not have another twin brother!)  Check out Handsome!!
Black cats RULE!"