Friday, April 2, 2010

Cats Watching TV, Reading, & Nicodemus

It was a beautiful warm day yesterday.  The Teenage Mutant Ninja Horde spent most of the day outside, at least when not napping!!  They did come inside for their favorite show, Animal Cops on the Animal Planet Channel.  No, really.  Da Boys love to watch TV and they have certain shows that they prefer.  They like forensic shows over house shows, Cold Case over Law & Order (although Law & Order: Criminal Intent is interesting to them).  And there are certain shows that certain cats like more than others.  I haven't made a study of it.  I've always known that Da Boys like to watch TV and that they have preferences.  But I hadn't thought about it much until my son exclaimed, "They're watching the TV!!" the other night.

Now this is Nicodemus the Evile Anti-Koala.  He used to curl up with his head over my shoulder and read with me.  He was also known as the Velcro Kitty.  Poor baby!!  He couldn't retract his claws all the way so when they would get too long you could hear them in the carpet.  It sounded just like Velcro being pulled apart!!  He got the most astonished look on his face the first time I clipped his nails and he stepped on the carpet.  No Velcro sound!!  No sticking!  No having to pull up his paws to walk!!  It only took clipping his claws two or three times when the most astounding thing happened!

I was laying down in bed reading.  Suddenly there was this cat on my chest with his paw out!  Nikki had the most determined and insistent look on his face.  He tapped his paw on my chest impatiently.  "Well??  Do get on with it, my dear."  My brain suddenly made the connection.  Nikki wanted his claws clipped!  I quickly did the deed, whereupon he immediately tucked that paw under his chest and stuck the other one out.  "Come on.  Come on.  Chop, chop!  I've naps to take and birds to chase, donchaknow."  From then on, I never had to check Nikki to see if his claws needed to be done, catch him up, or hold him down to get them done.  He would hop up and 'present paw' just as if he were in the finest salon.  It's been ten years since he purred his way over the Rainbow Bridge laying on my chest.  I still miss him.  And I still sometimes feel his presence around me.

This is to everyone who has lost a fur friend or other family member.

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