Monday, December 13, 2010

Where Have We Been and What's That White Stuff??

 "So mom has been having a migraine since she had her EEG on the 6th.  The kitten Feeders had a concert on the 9th after a doctor appointment in the morning.  Both of mom's tests were okay.  The kitten Feeders sounded very good and mom cried because it was Jennifer's last and Corwyn's first Winter Concert at the High School.  That exhausted mom for the whole weekend.  So we sat on her."

 "Emo kitty is still emo.  Dad's car died and the dryer died too."

 "I've been stressed trying to decide what color to be for Christmas.  Last night I was a Lavender point but this morning I was back
to a Blue point.  Every time I do this, daddy freaks out.
He wants to know how I do it!!"

 "Okay.  Can we figure out if mom has ordered Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde calendars for you & Corwyn for Christmas??"

"Because you both need one."

"This is the one mom wants."

"PS mom's kittens are out of school because it snowed.  We don't like snow because our paws get wet when we go out.  Zaphy and Thomas are the only ones who still go out anyway.  Thomas does it because he can.  Zaphy does it because he prefers the outdoor litter box."