Monday, September 21, 2009

Drats! They did it to me... again!!

I swear, Oberon and Star have it in for me.  Well, that or they know when I'm having a really really bad day.  I did one graphic for my day job and got in two graphics into Winter Holidays.  Then I took a break for lunch... okay, I admit it... it was 1:30...ish.  So there I am, laying down with my legs propped up, eating a crunchy peanut butter and guava jelly sandwich (mmmmm) when suddenly... popping out of nowhere... I swear, one second nothing... the next second... fifteen pounds of cat laying across my legs.  I'm not going anywhere.

Then, as I'm finishing up my sandwich, drinking my water (hydrating... being good... uh... right), getting ready for dessert (oatmeal creme sandwich... mmmmmm)... suddenly... popping out of nowhere... I swear, one second nothing... the next second... there is a little black circle next to my thigh purring.  I was lost.  There was nothing to do but give in.  I was going to rest more whether I liked it or not.  Two furry enforcers were on the job.  Purring.  Puuuuuuurring.  Puuuuurrrrrrrring.

The next thing I know my kids are coming in the door going, "Hi!  We're home!"  Say what?!  I was only going to give in for... a... minute!  And as I look around... there are no cats to admonish.  ::narrows eyes::  Just wait.  They'll be at it again later.  I'm sure of it.

Tomorrow looks like a tough day to get anything done in the shop.  But I wish I felt like I wasn't alone here in blogspace.  And if anyone ever does wander by and wants something in the shop or a specific graphic in a section... please let me know!!  Trust me, my self-esteem could use the comments.  ::wry grin::  Now, I need to go find a couple of cats and wait for House.

Peace on Earth - Couples v1 and Star... duh

Because Star is the computer kitty!  He came in this morning and jumped up on the back of my chair.  He started clawing on it, which I discouraged, as always.  Then he went weaving around to the arm and around my arm and began licking my left hand (my right being busy with the mouse).  The funny thing was that he started licking my armwarmer as well!  ::shakes head::  Eventually he went over to 'his' chair and curled up and he's asleep there right now.

As for me, I ended up switched armwarmers (I have a plethora of them, most of them from SockDreams which is my favorite place to get them.  My love just got me two new pairs for my birthday.  Whoot!  They have the very best customer service I have ever run into, seriously, they kick butt and take names.  I've never been disappointed with anything I've gotten from them.

Anyway, I've now managed to get another graphic up into Winter Holidays! and I had an epiphany.  So I'm going to make a section that has cats with no words on the front and a set of blanks & inscriptions in a separate section.  It shouldn't be too hard.  Other than the fact that it take a gazillion years to put stuff into cafepress.  Iiiiieeeeeeee!  Run away!  Run away!

More Holiday to go in...

I've got to see if I can get in the other five Winter Holidays graphics today and get started on Hanukkah.  Once those are in, I'll start on Christmas and then Kwanzaa.  Wheeeee!  I just talked to the test write I work with for my day job... I'll probably get a couple of graphics today.  ::crossing fingers::  Oh cool!  He just said I'd have one in five minutes!  Navy shower!!