Friday, October 23, 2009


The copy function has ceased to work on CafePress.  grrrrrrrrr.  This means that I can't finish making "Joyous Kwanzaa" and ... okay, it's humorous but I'm not telling... you'll just have to check out More Holiday Cards! later.  Which actually does have some more items in it since I managed to get up four more before doom and destruction.  One of them flipped space with an earlier 'inside'... can you tell which one?  heh heh heh

So for now I'll check on the... kidlets? progeny?... actually neither of those will do tonight.  I've got my ex's wife's daughter here spending the weekend.  My daughter's name is Jennifer and so is her's, ergo we have Big Jen and Little Jen.  Personally, I just go with Jennifer & Jen... well, while Jen is in the house.  All bets are off when she's at her own home, of course.  We'll also have Jennifer's bff tomorrow night.  My dearest love left about noon for Memphis to play a gig.  So it's just me.  Yes, me.  All alone in a sea of hormones.  Be afraid, be very very afraid.  Pray for me.  Awwwww, Thomas just jumped up into the Computer Kitty Chair™ and meowed in his best OMG!  Timmy's in the well!! 

This has been one of our family's big jokes.  Part of it stems from the fact that Thomas will tell you when another cat wants in or out.  Even when the door is closed.  And the other cat is just sitting there.  Trust me, his brother Zaphoid rarely meows to be let in, he feels that you should know he wants in!  If the front door is open, he'll just sit in front of it, staring mournfully in... rather like a child staring into a sweets or toy shop.  It's so sad.  Emo kitty still emo!  Well, evidently Timmy was found, because Thomas just took off like a rocket afire!  And I'm going to run off and see about logistics.  All three of the girls are going on a Girl Scout hike tomorrow and my son and I are having a Mommy/Son day.

Star is Helping... and Oberon in Trouble

First Star jumped up on the back of the computer chair.  Now he's ensconced on my left arm rest, purring like crazy and demanding scritches.  I was wrong about being done with the inside/outside Winter Holiday cards.  So I'm going to see if I can't get those done & start on the other images.  Oooops!  There goes Star!  The trash collector just hit our house and the noise was a weeeeee bit much for him.

In other news, last night I had the joy of getting up on a ladder (and trust me, ladders and I don't get along and I do not want to marry them) on the deck in the back of the house and rescue Oberon aka the Kitten (who is 3 and weighs 15 pounds... at least!).  He wanted to be rescued... but didn't want to be rescued.  And unlike the other cats, he couldn't be coaxed to use the tree routed by himself.  ::sigh::  So there I was, on the second step of the ladder... only a wee bit of fence between me and about six feet of yard... with my knees hurting mind you because of the windy weather, make that serrrrrrrrrious windy weather... trying to grab a cat.

I finally caught hold of his sweet spot (the spot that mother cats use to carry kittens, works wonders on many adults as well) and snagged a suddenly OMG I'm Swinging in the AIR I'm Going to Diiiiiiieeeeeee! cat.  Not being an idiot, I just left the ladder where it was and held onto Mr. I'm Trying My Very Best to GET DOWN NEEEEEOOOOOWWWW™ until we were in the house and near the food bowls.  Cats need to learn that Mommy is good at rescue.  heh.  I seriously wish I could afford someone to take down that tree.  ::narrows eyes::

Ah, Thomas has entered the building... well, at least the room... on the bed... his favorite place to be.  After all... he's The King™.