Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Meezers Colors Day 2011!!

"Fear the Meezer Lazer Eyes of Dooooom!! 
I am the eldest Meezer of the Horde."
 "I am Thomas' younger brother.  I blame our mother for this.
It's part of the reason I am Emo.  I will cute you to death."

 "I can not only snuggle you to death but I can change my
coat colors.  I keep my face, paws & tail blue tabby point
but I change the middle from lilac to red to blue to to to... 
I do this to mess with the Feeder's minds."

 "Star here.  I am an honorary meezer because I have the
meezer voice.  My twin sister from another mother also
has Oriental blood.  I have a vocabulary almost as good
as the Founder of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde.
He was also black with a white belly button.  Thomas &
Zaphy have as good vocabulary but they studied under
Chris for a lot longer than I did."

"I am Meezer!!  Fear me!!  Fear my cry!!
I take care of babies & my yard!!"