Monday, June 21, 2010

Sure Honey, Say It All You Want, We Believe You...

Now my husband resembles my daddy in many many ways.  They both speak in about the same manner.  They are both quite jovial.  They both have the same evile sense of humor.  They both enjoy talking about history... oh wait, make that any kind of debate!  They can both start up a joke and carry it (if you're in the US, think Drew Carry's show Whose Line Is It Anyway?) which is cool, because my husband and I do this at home as well (we're trying to teach my children too).

There is one other thing which my husband does that my daddy does which made me know that he was the man for me.  Picture a man sitting in a comfy chair.  Now picture a cat either sitting beside the man, laying on the armrest of the chair, or even laying ::gasp:: in the man's lap.  You will find the man, when he thinks no one is looking, stroking the cat (supposedly as if he didn't know he were doing so) quite knowledgeably while saying, "I don't like you cat.  You know, I don't even know why I feed you.  You are completely worthless, you know.  If you were a dog, you would fetch my slippers.  I really don't care for cats at all.  I have no idea why we keep you around.  Perhaps we should have you for dinner.  Oh wait, we don't have a pot big enough!" and so on and thus and such and so and so, all the while saying this in a coaxing tone while the cat accepts his or her due praise, purring and purring and purring.

"I often make it my job to make sure that dad's pillow
is warm when he's ready to go to sleep!

"We all help guard dad's piano."

"You can see that dad & Mister Kitten just can't get along at all."

"Dad helped mom do this one by suggesting the line.
Then mom knew which cat it worked with.