Thursday, April 26, 2012

Knives Takes Over the Window...

 "I smell that stinky ole' Audrey."

 "With a touch of Star..."

 "And a pinch of Zaphy."

 "Now I'm not sure if I want to lay down here or not!!"

 "Mom's dentist bill today was over $600 and
she has a $550 copay for her electric wheelchair."

"It's going to cost $2200 plus a hitch to get an electric lift so mom
is trying to make up what she needs by selling her beadwork (that's
an Anglican rosary) but she can't put it on eBay or etsy because
mom isn't always able to get to the mail because of her health.
We're hoping mom's health gets good enough for her to take
them to SCA events. Mom really likes those. She's also going
to try to get some work done in our cafepress shop as well
(mom's drawing above leads to that section) and maybe put
in pictures of us other than the ones that are already there."