Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Only Love You for Your Greenies...

"Good Morning Mom!!"  I woke up to find Star purring on top of me.  "You looooove me, don't you mom?"  I grumble a wee bit, but who in their right mind can resist that much purring or that sweet a face??  "Okay Star, but just one."  Star bounces, "Thank you mommy!!!  nom nom nom"

"Mom?  Wake up mom!!  It's time for morning treats!!''

Now once a cat has had a treat, news spreads like wild fire.  Maybe they're broadcasting on the same secret  channel that they use to phone home to the alien planet from when they first same to earth   (Come on, don't tell me that you didn't realize that the feline companions, with whom they choose to bond have high intelligence, high empathy and so on.

ooooh coffee mug... which reminds me...I need my cup of coffee!!