Tuesday, February 2, 2010

To bite or not to bite...

Mister Kitten has been feeling cranky and thus biting a bit.  Now Mister Kitten is Corwyn's "cat" (cats don't actually belong to anyone but they do tend to bond with one or more humans in the house if there are more than one); now Mister Kitten spends most of his time in my room, especially at night, since Corwyn closes his door and doesn't allow any cats inside.  But Mister Kitten does sleep on Corwyn's bed during the day and Corwyn looks for him as soon as he hits the house, before hitting the computer.

So here is Mister Kitten, biting everyone in sight, so Something Must Be Done!!  Out came the treats and I began teaching Corwyn how to tame a cat.  Soon he was doing it all by himself.  Today he has been randomly dropping by Mister Kitten and correctly petting him, saying, "Good boy, Mister Kitten!  Good boy!"  We've only had two nips today, as opposed to two an hour or more just yesterday.  I'm very proud of my son.  Yet another generation of cat tamers on the way!!