Monday, August 23, 2010

300th POST!!! Whoot!!

"Wow!!  We're so excited!!  This is our 300th post!!  It's so hard that I'm just going to collapse and take a nap."

"And it's still kinda hot so hanging out here in the sink
helps make me feel better."

"I'll be keeping on the look-out for more good pictures as well as helping mom with graphics in the store!"

"And, of course, as the ComputerKitty I shall be supervising everycat to make sure things are running smoothly!"

"Because we know that everycat is always good... we have some deeeeeelicious treats for everycat!!  We're out of greenies but we highly recommend these.  They are very nummy substitutes!  We've got something around here for the Feeders as well but we're kinda busy eating these nummy nummy treats!!"

"And we want everycat and Feeder to have a great time!!"

PS!  The Paw's Relation! has gotten their award graphic...
we still need to make graphics for...
First Prize - Sweet Praline!
Second Prize - Samantha & Clementine!
Third place - Katnip Lounge!
Harry & Fiona! who tied for Fourth Place with The Paw's Relation!   
Don't forget that everycat who participated
gets to use the participation graphic! 

PPS Today is the purrday of Hexapuma, who is a gorgeous Maine Coon fed by two of my most favorite SF/F writers Sharon Lee & Steve Miller.  They write the Liaden® series which I adore so much that I have two copies of each book to loan out.  Yes, they are that good!!  Sharon put up a post on her blog today with
pictures of this handsome young man.