Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WINNERS of the Second Annual Everycat Sleeping Contest!!

"We put all of the votes in here and carefully tabulated them.
And the winner is..."

Brulee from Sweet Purrfections
Brulee will not only get a graphic of their choice (check out our shop to see the other style of kitties mom can do) for First Place BUT Judy from Bay Colony Cats will make a sweet sleeping kitty holiday ornament!!  WHOOT!!  If you aren't already a fan I'll help you get in touch with her to get your great prize!

Jimmy of Cat's Cats

Cameron from Jan's Funny Farm


Meowers from Missouri! 20%
Ivy & Tim 18%
Nellie 18%
Gracie 18%
Jet 18%
Venus 18%
Ayla, Marley & Iza 15%
Charlotte 11%
Samantha 11%
Zoey 11%
Au 11%
Kintaro 11%
Yuki 11%
Vinny Toobad 11%
Willow 11%
Mitchell 9%
Truffle 9%
Kit Cat (Chitty Chat Cat) 9%
Spontaneous 9%
Clementine 9%
Sebastian 9%
TT 9%
Fuzzy Lion 6%
the Bengal Brats 6%
Artemisia 6%
Gambit from Kitty Partay 4%
Maggie 4%
Scylla 4%
Socks 4%

The top kitties need to contact me about getting their custom prize graphics.  I'll put up a post about specialty groups later this week (I have two more doctor appointments & now have bladder surgery scheduled for Dec. 19th).  Everycat on this list may now pick up one of these graphics to use as they will.  Should any of you be interested, I can put one or both of them up in the shop so that you can get it on an item... remember kitties, your Feeders don't really need to eat out this week... wouldn't a food bowl with your prize graphic be better? ::grin::