Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nap or Read...

After 'helping' with the last post, Zaphoid has cuddled up and laid his head on my arm.  I think that means I need to get off the compute and take a nap or read.  So much for lunch or a long soaky bath!!

Your Bed?? But It's Warrrrrrm!

I just so happen to have one of those mattress covers which has dual heat controls.  This allows me to have warmth when I'm cold.  My husband's side has never worked which is fine with him since he never gets cold.  Last night I felt the need to turn on a wee bit of heat.  "Ooooooooh", said Mister Kitten, "This is even better than a leg!!"  I didn't have a 16.5 pound 'kitten' on my leg.  Oh no!!  Instead, I woke up in the middle of the night to find myself about to fall off of the bed!!  Mister Kitten was trying to shove me off the bed so as to better lay down on the warm mattress cover.  [Oh look!  There's the culprit now!]

Now, you were wondering how Mister Kitten went from being a cute, sweet little girl kitten called Miette to a hefty little boy kitten with an identity crisis eventually named Mister Kitten.  Ah, like so many itty bitty girl kitties, when she hit about six months, pewh!  The scent of a Tom!!  The Tims in the house went nuts!  Suddenly all of the cats in the house were spraying.  Ack!!  We'd already been planning on spaying Miette, having kept her in the house, but now we had to get 'her' into the vet quick quick for a neuter operation!!

Miette wasn't happy about this.  The other Tims in the house kept spraying.  ::head:desk::  Fortunately, I keep my favorite product Simple Solutions Cat Spray & Urine Stain & Odor Remover.  I can use it everywhere, even in the washer.  Yay!  It helps some.  Eventually the spraying stopped... and came back... and started again... and came back again.  A lot of it has to do whenever we have dominance problems, such as right now.  Thomas is noticing another cat in the neighborhood who comes to 'visit'.  ::sigh::

Anyway, at first we kept calling Mister Kitten "Miette".  But Miette didn't like that anymore.  Duh!  So along came the search to find Mister Kitten's name.  Now Mister Kitten shares a birthday with Harry Potter.  He is now three years old and will be turning four this summer.  But he still behaves like a kitten.  After he became a boy, his mom Sarah moved out of the house.  Eventually she found her own permanent home and took Tanis the Dragon Slayer to live with her.  Because I had trained Tanis to be sociable and he loved her more than any other person, it only made sense for him to be with his mom.  She told us that rather than keeping Mister Kitten's name as Vicious Miette Pumpkin Thunderblaster Knives Pterodactyl (which she had named her/him as a kitten), we could rename him.

Thus became the Search for a New Name!!  We called him Kitten most of the time.  We tried Trouble (because he is!).  We tried Oberon (my children's choice). We also called him the Cat with the Identity Crisis (pretty obvious!!).  But eventually he let us know that his name is Mister Kitten.  He hangs out with me and my son.  I'm having to work with him right now because he's picked up biting and not wanting to be touched.  Because I've had so many rescue cats I've worked a lot with training cats to hang out with humans.

Right now I'm teaching my son to learn to read cats' body language.  This is the most important step in training cats.  The second most important part is being patient and talking softly to them.  Learning to do this is also helping him to be calm and to interact well with others.  Corwyn has trouble reading human body language and by learning the body language of cats, it will make it easier for him to begin learning human body language and to interact with humans.  I love having my cats and they make my life so much better.  I'm constantly trying to encourage others to rescue cats and helping people who are allergic figure out how to have cats in their homes.  I've had cats since I was a baby, can you tell??  ::grin::

 published with the 'help' of Zaphy