Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back-up Cameras & Fountains

 "Oh good!  Mom got a back-up camera!"

 "Someone on CB was asking about fountains.
This one moves around like a toilet.  Ummm, until Zaphy's fluffy fur kills the pump.  It doesn't matter how often mom cleans the pump.
It has nothing to do with somecat  dropping food in it!
It is pretty quiet and just makes a humming sound."

 "Wow!  This fountain is SO quiet!  All you hear is the water falling into the bowl.  And it takes the strain of fluffy furs and none of us drop food in it even though we drink from it.  Mom says that if any of us liked to drink from the faucet we'd like it even more."

"'Cuse me, need to clean my paws now."

Saturday, January 21, 2012

That's a Big Box Mom!

 "So mom, is the stuff in the box for us?"

 "TOYS!!  GREENIES!!  Ummm, is that a litter scoop?
Evile Pernicious Flea stuff?  We don't need that!!"

 "Look!!  Look!!
Mom put up the window seat in my favorite window!!"

 "Ummm, you can stop taking pictures anytime mom."

"Okay, we've looked at everything, taken a nap, played with the boxes, taken a nap, run from you trying to put Evile Pernicious Flea stuff on us, taken a nap, played with more stuff, taken a nap and now we can't think of anything to doooOOOOooo!!  Meeeeoooooommmmm!!"

Friday, January 20, 2012

Testing of the Trees... (& Our Review at the Bottom)

 "Hmmmm, I think I hear the living room cat tree calling me."

 "Ah yes!  Now that this is up against the wall it isn't as wiggly!
And this is the perfect place to look outside!"

 "Hey!  You're interrupting my window watching!!"

 "Scram!!  Go away stinky ole' Knives!!"

I can't find the ai file to pull the original graphic but this is the one I got on my new coffee mug  (it looks great on the mug by the way!).  I wanted to review the cat trees.  I paid under $40 for each.  They look great!  The big fault is that they are both wobbly.  However, there is an easy fix.  I found that just setting them up against a wall makes this problem go away, although if your cat is heavy you might want to put it in a corner or use an anchor.  The smaller tree (the beige one) has smaller platforms.  All three cats that I've put on the top platform have chosen to jump down from there as opposed to going down to the lower level.  That said, they did like the bottom condo as well as the top platform and I think they will use the middle platform to get up to the top.  This tree would be good for kittens as well as mini-kitties.  If anyone has any questions about either of these feel free to ask me!!  I'll review the tent once we've actually used it outside which may not be until Spring!  The last box will be here today!!  Our next post will be about the new window perch (going into the kitchen) as well as new toys toys toys!!  (and greenies and Pernicious Flea stuff)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guess What We Got?!

 "Look!  Look!  See what came in the Big Truck today?
Mom thought the other boxes would come first."

 "Hey!  I'm older than you!  I should get to try this out first!"

 "This is our new living room post!  It's taller and mom said it was actually easier to put up. (I think that's because the instructions had bigger print but don't tell mom I said that!)"

 "Even mom got something today!
But it came in a different Big Truck."

"This is the linkee to where mom's phone cover is in our storeWe're still waiting on a window seat and toys toys toys toys!!!  We're so excited!!  (Except about the Pernicious Flea stuff)"

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Monday, January 16, 2012

Thank You!! and What's Coming for the Horde!!

 "I want to thank everycat (and woofies) who came to celebrate my Gotcha Day!!  Here is another picture of me when I first got here."

 "I was curious about the woofies next door."

 "I still want to go outside with the boys!"

"But I never mind sleeping with my twin brother of another mother!  Mom decided to do another retrospective because she needs to get a new battery for the new camera.  The one that came with it isn't charging!!  I'd like to ask too, iffen anyone has a spare green paper, we have a donate button that would help pay back mom for the new toys that are coming!  Look down below for what we're getting!!"

In 4-7 business days the Horde will get:
1 -  Cat Napper Window Perch (we think she should have gotten 2!!)
1 - Cataction Magnicat Toy (we're not sure what that is but the picture looks interesting)
7 - new toys (mom wouldn't tell us what they were so everycat has to wait until they get here!
5 - different flavors of GREENIES!!!  (GO MOM!)
3 - Gimpet Cat Grass (we're not sure if that's as good as outdoor grass but we're willing to give it a go)

In 8-13 business days the Horde will get:
1 - Happy Habitat Cat Tent (mom says we won't use that until spring but Audrey's not sure if she'll like it.  Star is betting Zaphy that mom will put it down on the floor some so Audrey gets used to it now.)
1 - Dreamworld Banalona Cat Tree (we only have one tree now and mom says we need more)
1 - Dreamworld Altea Platinum Gray Cat Tree (so that makes three trees altogether)

Oh, and mom got more stinky Pernicious Flea stuff too but we don't like talking about that.

PS There is a little kitten named Baker who needs YOUR HELP!!  He fell!!  His Feeder needs ~$600 (twice what mom spent!) and you can donate at kitten rescue or feral cat behavior.  Mom is going to donate a few greens papers too and we'd love for you to do so as well if you have some to spare.  Thanks!

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde & Their Feeders

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Gotcha Day Audrey!!!

Once upon a time there was a little kitten named Sparkles.  She lived in Chrystal's Cat House with her brother.  Sparkles was happy playing with toys and her brother and the other cats.  But one day someone wanted to adopt her brother.  Having her brother find a Forever Home was a good thing but the Feeder who wanted him could not take her as well.  This made Sparkles very sad.  She began to hiss at the other kitties in the cat house.  She still loved to play with Feeders and love on them but she couldn't be with other kitties and Chrystal couldn't find her a Forever Home because everyone wanted a kitty that was good with other cats.  So Chrystal put out a plea for someone who would be willing to give this poor unhappy a Forever Home.

It just so happened that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde and their Feeders had been enjoying the picture of Sparkles because she looked just like StarWalker BitCat the ComputerKitty (except she was smaller and a girl).  Now the mom of the TMNKH has a looooong experience with adjusting new cats to the Horde (39 years).  She talked to dad.  They talked about it for awhile and then talked to the younger feeders.  Everybody agreed that Sparkles absolutely needed to become the newest member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde!!  So mom emailed Chrystal.  Chrystal was SO excited!!  She couldn't believe that someone wanted to give Sparkles a Forever Home.  Mom told her that even if it took a year it wasn't a problem.

We met Chrystal at the border of Tennessee and Kentucky.  We were all so excited!!  We couldn't afford to give her a box of toys or food so we gave her all of the coupons we could for food (human and four foot!!) and cleaning supplies etcetera.  It was amazing when we met her.  But meeting our wonderful baby girl was the best.  It was obvious that Star was her twin brother of another mother!  On the way home it was decided.  Sparkles became Lady Audrey Nova StarWatcher.  She did so well on the ride home!!  Everyone got a chance to hold her.

"That's enough mom!!  Now I'd like to invite everycat (okay, the
woofies can come too) to my Gotcha Day pawty!!  We've got
greenies & grass.  We've got gooshy food!  We've got toys & paper towels to shred.  And we have boxes boxes boxes!!  Wheeeee!!

Some News First

We wanted to let those of you who don't already know, that dad has left the building.  He is now living with another Feeder, a very nice cat and three woofies.  They take him, the nice Feeder for a drag every morning.  Mom and they are still friends.  Star misses dad.  This has stressed all of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde though.  Because of that stress they're having a pissing contest (no, really!!).  So mom went to Petco via Billmelater (a paypal thing) and bought us a LOT of toys and two new kitty condos so we will have three condos as well as a second window perch (hey mom!  why didn't you get us three??).  We hope that those things will help us destress so that stinky ole' Knives won't chase everyone and fight with Star.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

We Blame Corwyn!! (and a new graphic)

 "I was not the one who made mom sick!"

 "Well, it sure wasn't me!  I was here in Jennifer's bed!"

 "Why are you looking at ME??"

 "Tell them Zaphy, it was actually Corwyn!"

This is a brand-new graphic.  Mom still hasn't taken down the
Winter stuff.  We would like to know if you would buy stuff
with this graphic on it.  If so, we will put it in our store.

PS Tomorrow is Audrey's first GOTCHA DAY!!  That's right, it's one year since she came to join the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Will We Paint Today Mom?

 "I think she still looks a little punk.  I say we let her make a
short run to Kroger but that's it.  She's having trouble sleeping
again.  Mean ole' tooth!! She sees the dentist on Friday."

 "Okay mom, put you head down right here."

 "All right, we will let you take breaks for pettings.
After all, pettings are just as important as naps!!"

 "See!!  I'll help make sure mom takes a nap!!"

Star nods, "Yep!  We'll all take turns sitting on her until she's better.  Then we'll help her paint the hall, the front bathroom, the den, the laundry room, the space where those stairs are we like to leap up..."

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Never Nap Alone...

 "Napping on Feeders helps keep you warm."

 "But be careful, sometimes they put things on your head."

 "You can always sleep on another cat."

 "But if the right Feeder tucks you in, it's okay to sleep alone."

"This is the graphic on the shirts I
got for my favorite Feeder Corwyn."

Friday, January 6, 2012

Star's Cuteness Exercises!

 "Ah, the coast is clear."

 "First, the all important nap.  All exercise must start with a nap."

 "Slowly stretch out and show The Belly."

 "Make sure to hold your paws in such a way to leave
enough room for your Feeder to pet or snorgle the belly.
This is extremely important!"

"I'm StarWalker BitCat the ComputerKitty and I approve this graphic."