Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guess What We Got?!

 "Look!  Look!  See what came in the Big Truck today?
Mom thought the other boxes would come first."

 "Hey!  I'm older than you!  I should get to try this out first!"

 "This is our new living room post!  It's taller and mom said it was actually easier to put up. (I think that's because the instructions had bigger print but don't tell mom I said that!)"

 "Even mom got something today!
But it came in a different Big Truck."

"This is the linkee to where mom's phone cover is in our storeWe're still waiting on a window seat and toys toys toys toys!!!  We're so excited!!  (Except about the Pernicious Flea stuff)"


  1. Cool cat tree!! And I love the catbed coffee mug! Too cute and too true!

  2. What fun!!!! Mom keeps looking at cat trees for us - but says we have to make some other changes first.

  3. I LOVE that tree. I wish mommy would get one for ME so me and Star can get on it when he visits!!

    xoxox Katie