Sunday, March 20, 2011

World's Newest Escape Artist or Dad is an Easy Mark

 "For the record, mom's endoscopy looked good, but she won't know about the biopsy results until next week.  We've been making her rest since she was cleaning waaaaay too much trying to get the house ready for a... a... a... something... to get the house refinanced so she & daddy can have green papers.  This is me on top of Andy.  Andy is the name of daddy's baby grand piano and is beside the front door."

 "Don't I look cute??  So why doesn't anyone want to let me OUT??  That's okay, dad isn't good at keeping me from getting OUT so I have managed to sneak OUT the back door.  HA ha HA!!  But my stinky ole' brothers Star and Zaphy won't let me be by myself out there!!  Mean ole' brothers.  They taught me that if I hear dogs or cars I must jump inside the fence FAST FAST FAST!!  Now if mom would just let me OUT!!  Harumph!  Dad is the only smart one.  He keeps saying it's okay and mom & Jennifer & Corwyn keep putting their hands on their hips and using lazer eyes at him.  And now he's gone to get the screen that Zaphy put a great cat flap in in the back screen door replaced with a pet-proof screen!  Mean ole' daddy.  grrrrrrrrr"

 "I like my brothers Star & Thomas & Zaphy.  I'll sniff and trade face rubs with them.  But that stinky ole' yellow cat Knives keeps looking at me!!  So I growl at him.  Stinky ole' yellow cat.  We fight over the window 'seat' in mom & dad's bedroom.  Maybe when they get green papers they'll put in a window seat just for me in the kitchen!!"

 "Are you sure there isn't a treat left in that bag??"

"Mom makes sure that everycat who has ever been in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde is not only spayed & neutered but also has a tag with their name & phone number on it.  (She doesn't use our rabies tags because some of us have been collar escape artists.)"