Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yesterday: Star & Thomas

Da Boys know where my bed is now.  ::rolls eyes::  But I'm afraid they've deserted me for bedtime sleeping.  You see, my husband is an.... active sleeper.  I think sometimes he is enacting whatever he is dreaming.  No, really!!  Rather like the cats.  Everyone seems to have forgotten about hanging out in the window seat or on the pillow I keep on the other side of me safe from the whirlwind daddy person (to be avoided at every cost!!  well, except his feet, for some reason his feet were okay).  But the foam bed is smaller and it doesn't leave room at the bottom for all four kitty-cats.   Or at least that's their opinion at the moment.  We're being boycotted.

But only at night!  Zaphy is at my feet as we speak and I've had a few other visitors lately... but only one long enough to get on camera...

"Darn!  A flea!  This will make it harder
to keep her from detecting me!"

"I have tried using my Supr Skrt Ninja Powers
to lengthen the bed, alas to no avail!"

"Hel-lo!  Was that a treat back there?"

"This is the Cat Chi Gong method of drawing treats
that have gone over the edge of the bed back into your paws.
You can not achieve this method until you have attained a red collar.

In other news, Thomas was caught, not only sitting at the table at his normal chair (Thomas has a chair he likes to sit at as if he were waiting for dinner to be served... often when the bowls need refilling) but he pulled a major no-no that he hasn't done in a couple of years!!  (I think he's been trying his best to be a good example to the 'kitten' ever since I caught him doing something and read him the riot act and mentioned something like that... what can I say??  I have seriously smart cats!!)  At any rate, Thomas kept starting to get on the table.  I kept stopping him.  He kept starting.  I kept stopping.  Finally he just got up and pranced his way across the table the very minute that I started leaving the kitchen!!  Ha!!  Cat mommy has eyes in the back of her head!  Thommmmas!!  Skitter scatter!!  Harumph!

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