Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thomas, the Laptop & the Mammogram...

Sir Thomas of Snuggle has been MIA for 3 weeks today.

 "I knew mom was having trouble with the laptop."

 "And Star was busy teaching important Ninja Skills to Audrey."

 "So I figured I'd take on the job of laying on
mom's hand so she'd get off of the 'puter."

"We actually have a whole Breast Cancer section but the best news is that mom's mammogram was normal this year!!  WHOOT!!  This means that she doesn't have to go back for a dumb ole' ultrasound.  What??  ::blush:: I know IT'S important to have one if you need one.  But it meant mom forgot to get us new treats last year!!!" - Zaphoid

Friday, July 29, 2011

Just Bouncing Through!!

 "Well, it's not me!!  It's hot again so I'm sleeping in the basin.  Besides which, it squishes Pernicious  Fleas!!"

 "It's not me either, although I can make you give me gooshy food with the power of my laser eyes!  bwahahahahahahahahaha!"

 "'cuse me.  I'm sleeping.  I got allll worn from... from... ::sigh::  okay, I'll admit it, I've started bounding & bouncing instead of
running like all of the other cats.  Jen also calls me a meercat because I can stand up so well on my back legs.  ::rolls eyes::"

 "As you can see, I have been teaching my young padawan,
Audrey, the ways of the Ninja Kitty.  I must say that I had
quite a chuckle though when dad asked mom how much
longer Audrey would need to be on a leash.  Mom looked
at him and said (which she'd done before ::kitty giggle::)
"Always!!  I promised that she would be an inside cat before
we got her."  Silly ole' daddy!!  In fact, the rest of us haven't
been going out as much either and mom has never ever let
us stay out at night (as if she had anything to say about it)!"

"Everycat around here is short of energy.  Seriously.
Don't get between them & their caffeine.  We really 
don't want to have to... well, let's just say that our claws
are in prime condition and leave it at that, shall we?"

PS Thomas is still MIA
PPS Mom is still sick
PPPS Mom lost all of her AI files with the shop graphics when her laptop fubared.  ::sigh::  She still looking for a backup copy.  Cross your paws!!  If mom has had you email in the past, please please email her!!  And don't forget to check out our shop!  Our vet bills in the last couple of months have totaled over $500 and we're still having problems with Pernicious Fleas.  meh.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mom's been sick all weekend...

 "So Zaphoid and I are making sure that the Feeders know
when the food bowls & water fountain need to be filled.
No, really!  That's what we're doing!!"

 "I'm just hanging out on the piano because of the Horde of
Pernicious Fleas.  ::sigh::  Even with the Evile Pernicious Flea
stuff our Feeders put on us they're still here.  ::narrows eyes::
Mom says it's because of the heat.  Bad heat!  No biscuit!!"

"I'm helping mom feel better by playing with my hair bands!  I make sure not to eat them.  Mom is so grateful for my foster mom & her private rescue!!  Without them she wouldn't have ME!!  I think everycat should go over there and see if your next furfriend is there waiting for your place to be their Forever Home and/or to pass on some green papers (or coupons or or or) to help pay for the fantastic work they do to take care of all of us who need/ed help.  Mom told me last night that the next Horde member we get will come from daily dose of dogs (aka cats with your coffee)!!  It won't be for awhile because even if Sir Thomas of Snuggle comes home we have the perfect number right now but Zaphoid is getting a wee bit old.  We all hope there will be a black kitty or a Siamese kitty there when we are ready to adopt again!!  Black cats & orientals are the BEST!!"

"Uh-oh!!  Where did my hair-band go?!?  It's green and one of my favorites!!  Maybe mom put it back in the bathroom where I play grab the hair bands out of mom's hand and then put them around and around the legs of the stool.  It's lots of fun!!  Oh yeah, mom is still coughing.  She told us she has allergies & a summer cold."

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nearly Two Weeks Now...

My laptop went totally... totally.  I had to reformat it to get the dvd-rw to read cds & for it to read the usb ports for anything but the mouse again.  As I'm sure everycat and feeder who has to deal with computers understands, having to do this when one is a mom who has problems with a) green papers b) memory (physical and mental!) and c) nothing to put the back-ups onto, I'm now sans a lot of things.  Email addresses, bookmarks, pictures, graphics, programs.  Wheeeee!  And given the type of pain I've been in lately, it may take some time before I'm up to snuff.  At least I'm able to put new pictures up which will help with my depression (now if I could just afford someone to drive me to the doctors' offices & clean up my house!!).  Sadly, Thomas has not come home.  He hasn't shown up at the animal shelter.  We've had signs up all around the neighborhood.  His brother stopped calling for him after a few days which is unusual behavior in the Horde.  Jennifer says that this means that Thomas has either crossed safely over the Bridge (he is 14 after all, even though he's healthier than his littermate) or that he's found a family that needs him more than we do.  Thomas is a wonderful, loving and handsome cat.  If he's found another family (which, honestly, would not surprise me one itty bitty bit!!) I would be okay with that.  As much as I love and cherish him, if the Lord needs him to be with someone else, I'm sure there's a good reason.  And he is so good for people who need love and affection.  In other news...

 "I have been diligently picking up all of the Ninja skills my
brothers are teaching me!  I can now work the remote control!!
I've also started jumping when I race down the hall!!"

 "As you can see, I'm helping dad feel better by letting him
scratch me... a LOT!!  Ummm, dad?  You missed a spot!"

 "We tried to help mom get a good picture of the peacock
and two peahens in our neighborhood but they didn't cooperate.
We stay far away from them because mommy said so."

"As you can see, Audrey and I have been busy guarding
mom's laptop while she & Star have been trying to fix it.  I've
decided that Audrey isn't too bad 99% of the time." - Knives

"True.  We've been hanging out on the bed some.  Don't tell mom but I let him put his head on my butt during one of our naps.  Oh yeah, and we've sniffed noses a few times too.  ::narrows eyes::  Just as long as he doesn't touch the hair bands.  All hair bands belong to ME!!" - Audrey

"Mom got her mammogram done!  We have a whole section
dedicated to breast cancer in our shop.  I'm going to have to work
on seeing if I can track down more of my mom's stuff." - Star

"The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde and our Feeders really really
really (no, really!) appreciate the outpouring of prayers & purrs & everything we've gotten from everycat (and all the other species too).  Even when our mom couldn't get onto the 'puter, we all knew that all of you were out there thinking of us.
Thank you for your support."
Zaphoid Beeblebrox the Third

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

MIA - Thomas

Sir Thomas of Snuggle
(aka Thomas aka Tom Tom aka Tom)
Murfreesboro, TN
Escape Artist
Missing since  ~0745 CST Saturday July 9th

Wednesday I had a procedure done, went fine.  My laptop has been wonky.  Saturday we went to take the Horde to the vet1 (over $3002).  Audrey & Thomas played the escape artist card.  Audrey came right to the front door when we got home.  Thomas is still missing.

1 - We love our vet & our vet loves all of us!
2 - Zaphy has a UTI, Knives has ear mites (itchy!), and everycat needed Pernicious Flea stuff!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday... Mostly

I wanted to put up new pictures but right now my computer doesn't see DVD-RW nor my camera.  meh.

Cost of Medicine...
Because of insurance, everyone has to take information in a certain order...
(off to my procedure!)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This & That & a Little of the Other

Gah.  My computer STILL doesn't see the DVD-RW or anything plugged into it via USB except for the mouse.  Ticked am I?  Why yes.  Yes I am.  In other news, the weather and I do not like each other and I do not want to marry it.  But I can't take the NSAID that I CAN take because of the surgical procedure tomorrow.  meh.  Ergo, I'm getting off of the computer now.  I'm not sure when I'll be back.  I wish it would start working.  I have some pretty pictures of the peahens we had in our yard today.  At first Audrey started to go into pounce mode but as they got closer she realized Just How BIG they were!!  I think it's the fastest she's gone into the house!

Someone is throwing up but hasn't be caught at it & I'm wondering if Zaphy might have a UTI.  meh.

 "I'm waiting for Jennifer to get home tonight."