Monday, July 25, 2011

Mom's been sick all weekend...

 "So Zaphoid and I are making sure that the Feeders know
when the food bowls & water fountain need to be filled.
No, really!  That's what we're doing!!"

 "I'm just hanging out on the piano because of the Horde of
Pernicious Fleas.  ::sigh::  Even with the Evile Pernicious Flea
stuff our Feeders put on us they're still here.  ::narrows eyes::
Mom says it's because of the heat.  Bad heat!  No biscuit!!"

"I'm helping mom feel better by playing with my hair bands!  I make sure not to eat them.  Mom is so grateful for my foster mom & her private rescue!!  Without them she wouldn't have ME!!  I think everycat should go over there and see if your next furfriend is there waiting for your place to be their Forever Home and/or to pass on some green papers (or coupons or or or) to help pay for the fantastic work they do to take care of all of us who need/ed help.  Mom told me last night that the next Horde member we get will come from daily dose of dogs (aka cats with your coffee)!!  It won't be for awhile because even if Sir Thomas of Snuggle comes home we have the perfect number right now but Zaphoid is getting a wee bit old.  We all hope there will be a black kitty or a Siamese kitty there when we are ready to adopt again!!  Black cats & orientals are the BEST!!"

"Uh-oh!!  Where did my hair-band go?!?  It's green and one of my favorites!!  Maybe mom put it back in the bathroom where I play grab the hair bands out of mom's hand and then put them around and around the legs of the stool.  It's lots of fun!!  Oh yeah, mom is still coughing.  She told us she has allergies & a summer cold."


  1. Purrs for your mommy !!!! and Guys ! do the flea stuff is better than having a Flea Shampoo, I told ya !!!
    Have a great day, and I hope your mom feel better

  2. We sure hope your mom feels better soon. Purrs and prayers coming your way!

  3. We's so glad that you're helping heal your mommy...and you get your own hair bands? Wow, our mommy takes them away (as if!) when she sees us playing with hers. Sending al of you and your mommy lots of purr blessings.

    Miss Bella and Sele

  4. Audrey says, "Our vet was worried at first because they are very very dangerous for many cats & woofies. But mom closely snoopervised me when I was first playing with them to ensure that I was bouncing them around the floor, around chairs & carrying them around like a kitten. She wasn't worried after that and neither was our vet* once mom told him."

    PS Mom here, if anyone is ever in Rutherford CO in TN, these are the greatest vets ev-ah!! They'll roll out of bed & meet you at the clinic without a grumpy tone to help you and your furfriend. Everyone on the staff (including the Feeders) are really cool. They're also great about helping you be a part of the medical team.