Sunday, September 13, 2009

One-third of Magic Men/Cats Done!!

::head:desk::  I admit it.  I got called away from my desk.  I had to admire the new ramp that my husband built to go up to the desk to the 24' above ground pool in the backyard.  This is a Good Thing™.  My knees will like it muchly much.  My knees also liked me laying down as well.  So that took up some of the time.  But I did manage to get all four of the paw-raised versions of Magic Man/Cat into the store!

None of the cats would go out while Dale was working but as soon as he was done the "inspectors" came.  First Zaphoid, the primary inspector.  He was followed by Star, the assistant inspector.  Finally Thomas ambled by, Jumped onto the platform while Dale and I were talking, sniffed around a bit, and then looked suspiciously like he was going to mark it.  He got shooed off.  That kind of inspector write-off we do not need.  ::shakes head::

Now for dinner & computer shut-down.  G'night/day!

One-third of Witchy Women/Kitty Done!!

Wheet!  Now I'm going to go on and make the section for Magic Men/Cat and start on the first four that go in there.  Two designs with two versions each.  You see, what I do is make two versions of one of my paw-raised cats, two of one of the cane cats, and then two of one of the chair cats.  That makes six sections for each of the two main sections - Men & Women.  Although I must admit that I put unisex clothes into the woman's section, because I have too many friends (and too many times I've done it myself) who want a shirt in the man's version.  So, onward & upward, inward & outward!

Star has abandoned me, probably to eat & romp around outside.  But I still have a cat in the office.  Oberon has taken to sleeping on the bottom shelf of my craft bookcase.  It only has some picture frames & heraldic things on it at them moment which he finds ideal for laying on... plenty of room for cats!

One Down... Eleven to Go!

I've just finished putting in version one of Wicked Woman into the shop.  Whew!!  It seriously takes some time since I have to go in and manually change the size of the graphic.  gaaaaaaaaah ::head:desk::  I'm hoping that most of the rest won't take as long.  Many times when you import items from one section to another the size stays the same so you don't have to do that.  ::crosses fingers::  At any rate, I've got to take a grocery break.  Wheee fun!  Not.  I am also happy that, while I didn't find the information I was looking for, I did manage to figure out how to get the darn sidebar to close up to just the section headers.  Now if I could just figure out how to get them to open up when you went to that section.  ::sigh::  I'd better head out.  The sooner I go, the sooner I'll be back.  Star will be guarding the computer until I get back.

How to Get a Cat to Cuddle With You or Blatent Evile Bribery

Last night, once again, I had a StarWalker BitCat the ComputerKitty curled up on my lap as I was getting ready to go to sleep.  IOW I was laying down reading in bed and getting sleepy.  Tenuously he came creeping up my legs over the bedcovers.  Now since moving here, Star has become more easily startled.  Mind you, he loved the space with a pink purple passion.  There are Stairs From Which To Bat Humans™, Hallways To Race Down™, and Many Fieldmice To Play With™ (that's another story).  Oh, and he likes the new, taller kitchen chairs.  They make it easier for him to lay in wait and Grab Humans By The Arm™ (remember, this is also Ninja Kitty).

Howsoever, he has also become quite shy of humans and startles easier.  Whenever I get home though, there is Star, waiting to greet me.  I'll open the car door and there Must Be Pettings™.  He is more my cat than anyone else's cat.  He's been sleeping at my feet, but I've missed having a cat curled up with me since Thomas has been neglecting his duties.  So when he did sleep with me the night before last I wanted him to repeat the performance.  But he was a bit skittish last night.  Thus, I had to use one of my infamous evile tools.

I pulled out the treat container.  It's a very small tupperware container that is filled with cat treats (which reminds me, that one needs refilling asap!).  So I got myself positioned on my side, which is my preferred sleeping position, as opposed to my back.  Then, I opened the treat container.  Fortunately none of the other cats were around.  More about that later.

Star perked up, I mean come on, this is not a stupid cat.  He comes creeping over the body pillow and I feed him three treats on the quilt covering the pillow and close the container.  While he is thinking about whether he should stay I give him some pettings.  Then I carefully open the container and pull out two more treats which I feed him out of my hand.  I put the container up and settle myself down while giving him some more pettings.  He thinks about it and decides that this isn't such a bad place to go to sleep.

Now I'm the type of person that when a cat is sleeping beside me I'm like another littermate.  I don't move.  I woke up about 6ish after going to bed at 24:00 (that's midnight for those who don't use a 24 hour clock, sorry, I'm a Navy brat raised on one!).  I've been sleeping about 8 hours although I'd been sleeping about 6 before I moved.  But beginning to think about it, I wonder if I sleep better/deeper when I sleep with a cat beside me, because I don't feel tired this morning.  At any rate, Star backed up as soon as I moved.  I tried moving to my other side but he didn't think much of that idea because my husband started moving.

Eeeek!  Nooooo!  Yeah, Star was having none of that.  He retreated to the bottom of the bed.  I tried to do the evile & vicious treat trick with him again but alas and alack... it's a horse!  it's an elephant!  no!  it's Oberon!  the 15 pound, 3 year old "kitten! galumphing his way into the bedroom and nosing his way up and onto the bed going "Treats?!  Treats?!  I like treats!!  Can I have some treats, mommy?  I've been a good kitty!  Really, I have!!"  ::sigh::  So much for that idea.  I might as well get up.  Ergo, I got up, took my meds, fed the cats (one must know the priorities after all!), and made coffee.

I've got the computer up, checked email, lj, facebook, written this, and almost finished my one cup of coffee.  Now I'll go grab my shower and then come back to work on putting in the Wicked Kittes/Women and the Magic Cats/Men.  If I get that done today I'll start working on Christmas Cats.  muahahahahahahaha!  I promised a friend of mine that I absolutely would have cards for Christmas.  And knowing how early some of my kith & kin start buying things for Christmas I figure I'd better get to work neow!  ::grin::  And yes, I promise to tell the story of the field mouse later.