Sunday, September 13, 2009

One-third of Witchy Women/Kitty Done!!

Wheet!  Now I'm going to go on and make the section for Magic Men/Cat and start on the first four that go in there.  Two designs with two versions each.  You see, what I do is make two versions of one of my paw-raised cats, two of one of the cane cats, and then two of one of the chair cats.  That makes six sections for each of the two main sections - Men & Women.  Although I must admit that I put unisex clothes into the woman's section, because I have too many friends (and too many times I've done it myself) who want a shirt in the man's version.  So, onward & upward, inward & outward!

Star has abandoned me, probably to eat & romp around outside.  But I still have a cat in the office.  Oberon has taken to sleeping on the bottom shelf of my craft bookcase.  It only has some picture frames & heraldic things on it at them moment which he finds ideal for laying on... plenty of room for cats!

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