Sunday, September 13, 2009

One-third of Magic Men/Cats Done!!

::head:desk::  I admit it.  I got called away from my desk.  I had to admire the new ramp that my husband built to go up to the desk to the 24' above ground pool in the backyard.  This is a Good Thing™.  My knees will like it muchly much.  My knees also liked me laying down as well.  So that took up some of the time.  But I did manage to get all four of the paw-raised versions of Magic Man/Cat into the store!

None of the cats would go out while Dale was working but as soon as he was done the "inspectors" came.  First Zaphoid, the primary inspector.  He was followed by Star, the assistant inspector.  Finally Thomas ambled by, Jumped onto the platform while Dale and I were talking, sniffed around a bit, and then looked suspiciously like he was going to mark it.  He got shooed off.  That kind of inspector write-off we do not need.  ::shakes head::

Now for dinner & computer shut-down.  G'night/day!

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