Monday, September 14, 2009

Wence cometh "Get Off The Table?" or Off Mommy Brown's Table!!

In the store there is a Gray Cat who says "What Means This... 'Get off the table?!'".  As I'm sure you know, all cats do this.  So do ours.  But while ours sometimes get onto other tables, it primarily comes from one particular table.  You see, leading from the living room to the kitchen there is a wall where the pantry is located.  Against this wall is a drop table which belonged to my wonderful husband's grandmother, Mommy Brown.

:::sighs::  This morning, I said to Zaphoid as I went to make coffee, "Get off of Mommy Brown's table."  As I came out of the kitchen to come back to the office to turn on the computer I said to Star, "Star, get off of Mommy Brown's table!"  After I got dressed and headed back to the kitchen I looked at Oberon and said, "Get off of Mommy Brown's table."  Thomas has not been getting onto Mommy Brown's table lately.  This is because I scored 14 boxes of books from Freecycle (this afternoon I'm giving away an old computer to someone who needs one, whoot!).  But then he's always preferred to work on silly sleeping poses instead anyway.

I'm going to check with the day job and see if they have any work for me.  Until I hear from them, I'm going to head over to the shop and put in some more of the graphics in Magic Man/Cat and Witchy Woman/Kitty.  And if they don't, I'll just keep on working on the shop today.  Once I get the other eight for each section (four cane cats & four wheelchair cats) I'll start working on Christmas Cats, unless someone requests cats for Thanksgiving.

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