Monday, September 14, 2009

Another Busy Morning!

In the shop anyway!  I just finished up putting up Cane Cat in both Witchy Woman/Kitty and Magic Man/Cat sections.  Eight sections... whew!  That leaves only eight to go.  Because there will also be two versions of the two designs in the two sections of Chair Cat.  So two times two being six... uh-oh... times two... twelve!  I miscounted.  ::head:desk::  Methinks I'll take a break first.  Yeeeesssssss my preciousessssssss.  A nice, loverly break.  It's not like they're giving me any work on my day job.  ::sigh::

BTW if you ever want to see a particular product in a design and it isn't there, don't hesitate to ask!  I'm more than happy to throw it in for you!  Actually this morning it wasn't as hard as it is sometimes.  Only one of the designs required me to go into every... single... one... of... the... products... ::falls over onto the floor:: (hey!  I can do that in cyberspace!!).  Star is curled up like Sleeping Cat on the chair beside me and Oberon is being a flop cat (hmmm may have to make one of those) on the lower shelf of the craft bookcase.  I just might emulate them for a bit.  I do at least need to lay down for awhile.  However I should be able to get the Chair Cats up today!

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