Thursday, March 10, 2011

State of the Mom, the Horde & Possible CafePress TMNKH Pics

Tuesday I went to the Vandy Sleep Disorders Clinic.  I managed to luck into a sleep study slot that night but after I got there, checked in, unpacked & hung around for about an hour it turned out that my tech went home sick!  Rather than drive home in the hideous rush hour traffic I opted for driving home in the pouring rain (still not quite as bad even with the idjets riding 2" off of my bumper at times!).  The only good thing about it was that the gentleman from Vandy who helped me carry my things down had a stunning English accent (don't worry, we're both married to someone else!).  My head is still hurting although my ears have calmed down a wee bit after 3.5 days of Augmentin.  ::sigh::  Star popped up with that spot on his head needing draining again yesterday.  I suspect Knives.  He is the only cat in the house that Audrey is still hissing at.  She and the rest of Da Boys are touching noses now.  Thomas is occasionally hissing at the other cats but I think part of that is in response to being ticked off at Knives for messing with 'the baby' (it's the Siamese blood in him).  Knives has been really messing with Audrey which gets him a "NO!", a nose bop or a toss out depending on his behavior and whether he started it or not.  I'm still really tired which isn't good since we need to get the house in shape for an appraisal next week to refinance our mortgage.  ::sigh::  Not that my health allows me to do much anyway but Certain Tims need to be cleaned up after.  ::narrows eyes::  However, I did manage to make up a few more possible graphics for the section in the shop which has pictures of the actual Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde.  Please let us know what you think!!  We've got two in mind from a couple of comments the last time we put some up.

"PS I would like you to go look at my foster mom's blog today.  One of the kitties looking for a home is just like me!  We-ell, he's a Tim and not a Princess... but... still.  Thanks!" - Audrey