Sunday, May 23, 2010

What's This New Thing on the Bed??

My husband and I went shopping this weekend for birthday presents for a young lady of our aquantaince who has reached the advanced age of four.  While we were out, we also stopped by the Target (or as we say at our house... Tar-jey!).  You see, our old quilt was beginning to come apart (my husband hadn't noticed) and we also needed a second pair of sheets for this bed.  We found something that we both liked (the quilt was on sale... whoot!) and proceeded back home.

"Hey dad!  What's this thing you put on the... 
mmmmmmmmmm never mind."

"Let's see, soft... comfy... I like the color scheme..."

"Hmmmm, yessssssss, I think I like it."

                 "Good evening.  I am your host for this
                        evenings edition of The New Quilt"
       "This is a new quilt??"

"Very well.  I will like the new quilt.
  But you absolutely must 
get new body pillow cases to go with the new sheets!!"

 this pic is not in the shop, I do however, use it in my lj!

Silent Sunday...