Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sink Exercises with Mister Kitten...

Good morning!  Welcome to Sink Exercises with Mister Kitten!!
Now, everyone get into your favorite sink.  Good... good...
Okay now there... someone help that kitten up onto the counter!
Is everycat ready??  Excellent!  Let's begin by warming up with
a loud yawn followed by a deep purr.  Make those purrs deeper!

Now, everycat lean your head over to my left and look cute.
Make sure that you keep as much of your body in the sink as possible.
What's that?  No... no... it's purrfectly acceptable to let your whiskers over, even onto the counter for those of you with long whiskers.

Bring your head up slightly, pitch one ear forward
and one ear back.  It doesn't matter which one, Nikita.
Hmmm?  Quite right Henry, one can also cock just one ear
and leave the other in its normal position.
Your eyes should slant downward so that you look shy.
This will be particularly easy for those of Oriental descent.

For our third exercise we will do a combo.
Everycat should keep their body in the same position throughout.
Look to my left & down with your head with your ears in up position.
Let just a wee bit of your right forepaw show on the edge of the sink
but let the left forepaw come completely out and touch the counter.

Begin bringing your head back toward your forepaws.
Keep your nose tilted toward the floor so that your Feeders
will think that you are sweet.  They just can't resist sweet!!

Finish up by stretching our as though you were
going to touch the counter with your nose.
See how the body is kept the same?
The big key is to keep purring as loudly as you can
the entire time you do this exercise!!  Hmmm?
Yes, if you have an inaudible purr it is purrfectly acceptable
to make whatever sounds your Feeder associates
with you and the innate adorableness of Felines.

This concludes this session of Sink Exercises with Mister Kitten.
I would like to thank everycat who tuned in and
purrticipated with us today!  Just remember,
If your Feeders aren't using it,
It Belongs to The Cat(s)!¹

Everycat must always keep up their cuteness exercises!!

¹  Items belonging to humans which are being used by humans also belong to cat(s).