Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vote! Vote! Vote! First Annual Everycat Sleeping Contest!! Results on Monday (or Tuesday depending on life)

"Dude!  What do you mean there's no greenies left?!?!
I mean... I mean...  I mean... catnip is... cool but
it's not crunchy.  It doesn't have the same...
Oh Poohbears!!"
"Harumph!!  Oh well, I guess that means we get to see Un'ca Garrett and babby Abby and her brother Max!!  And then Jen comes home.  But we need you to vote!  Vote! Vote!!  Mom will tally up the votes when she gets home on Sunday.  Ummm, unless she is toast, in which case she'll do it on Monday.  That means you should look for the results no later than TUESDAY!!!  So get out there & VOTE!!  Your vote counts a lot toward who gets a prize in each of the cat-a-gories  Anyway, mom's off to do stuff, we recommended she go get some chocolate!  That's another time she said 'BTDT, got the T-shirt!  We've got to figure that out.  ::scrunches eyebrows::
If anyone knows... tell us!!!!"  

"What's that??  Oh yeah, you can vote by putting in a comment or sending an email to mom.  She'll check it today & tonight & at least once tomorrow.  They'll get home Sunday but I don't know when she'll check it then although she might make my other younger mom do it since she'll have gotten home on Saturday.  If mom has the time, she'll get some drafts of pictures of us to go up over the weekend but they won't show up on Cat blogosphere because we don't know how to do that (mom doesn't either and she still won't give us her password!!  mean old mommy!!)  See you later!!"

Two versions, things you use & things you wear have
both versions sectioned out in each of them... wheee!