Friday, March 25, 2011

Ouchie! Mom's Eye is PINK!!

 "This is what I do every morning.  (Shut up Knives!!  I do not do it all day too!!  Sometimes you actually let me in the window ledge!  Dumb ole' yellow brother.)  Anyway, mom goes into the bathroom to weigh herself and brush her teeth and take stuff that she says is medicine and not cat treats, which is okay because she gives me treats after.  While she's in there I play with her and my hair bands.  This morning I had seven!!  Mommy helps me count them.  I purr and purr and purr and love on mommy to help her get ready for the day.  But this morning mommy's left eye was PINK!!  I gave her extra purrs and lovings but it did not change color!  So I told mom I'd handle today's blog with the help my twin brother of another mother Star.  So we're just putting up this note followed by three of the new pictures in our own picture section in our store.  We hope you like them!!"

 "Everyone says Zaphoid is emo but Jennifer."

 "The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde actually
eats dry food and treats but I made this because
everycat deserves gooshy food if they want it!!"
PS don't tell mom about the Lady Next Door

"Good question!!"
PS I put linkees in the pictures like always
so you can go straight to them - Star

PPS Don't forget to check out Winnie's Wish.  The third cat down is being called Handsome and looks just like me & Audrey!  As I'm sure you know, black cats are the most awesome in every sense of the word!!  Audrey was sheltered at the same place Handsome is now and she says they rock!!  If you can't give someone there a Forever Home, at least send them some purrs, grrrs and/or prayers.  Thanks!