Mom's Beads

Mom's been making beads as therapy. She trades them with people for stuff like mowing the lawn but she's also sold some for $20. We don't have them up on eBay or etsy but here are some pictures of the ones mom has made. Some of these are gone but we will put up newer pictures as soon as the camera battery is recharged. The date under the picture is the date the picture was put up. All of the necklaces are made with stone and glass and metal. Mom prefers thread over Tiger Tail although she can be talked into and most of her necklaces run about 22-24" long. Mom's making some longer & shorter for other folx.


The long white ones, left is pearl and right is white jade. 

 The rose quartz necklace has been sold.

 05/20/2012 - that big bead you see there is white jade!

The long black onyx necklace has been sold.
The garnet necklace next to the red/white/blue is now gone.

 05/20/2012 - That's an Anglican/Episcopalian rosary on the left

 On the left are necklaces with bracelets (and a few earrings).
The far right are eyeglass holders.

The black is all onyx. Much of the stone is onyx, jade, adventurine and agate. It's amazing how many colors stones come in naturally!

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