Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Me-om!! What Happened to the Lights?! And Our Fountain!!

 "This morning dad got everycat & the other Feeders up at 0600 because of the siren at the airport near us blaring!  The Feeders all got dressed just in case we had to go into the front bathroom.  Of course we are always dressed in our beautiful furs!!  Then at 0630 all the lights went out!!   And our water fountains stopped flowing!!  Unfair!!"

 "But don't worry!!  I made the siren stop blaring!  It's been raining birds and dogs all day and the only Horde member to go OUT on the leash was dumb ole' Audrey but that's because she only goes out on the porch.  Dumb ole' Audrey.  Oh wait, Zaphy went out too but he made mom walk him all over down the driveway and in the back patio area.  He was sooooo mad because she made him stay on the leash!  Mom says she needs to get more harnesses (and leashes) so we can all have our own.  I think we each need our own color so dad can tell whose is whose.  Mom looked at this but said she didn't know if it would be big enough for us or not.  Then mom & I drooled over the furniture, steps & window seats!"

 "Daddy brought mom flowers last night just to help make her feel better.  Mom got denied SSD again.  Daddy knows that flowers help mom.  Of course we're much much much better at it!!"

"I'm practicing for our Second Annual Everycat Sleeping Contest!!  If you search in our search box on the side you can see who won last year!  Everycat should start practicing now... it will start in July!!"

"Mom had to drive TWO MILES to buy dad hot coffee because the lights were out so far!  They stayed out until 1030!!  They're starting to blink again so we're going to post this quick quick quick!!"